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Brian Bulow Trucks

Dodge Center Portable Semi Storage Trailer Rental Services

Serving Dodge Center, MN

Locally owned

Brian Bulow Trucking

Brian Below Trucking Semi Truck Storage Rentals as portable storage containers in in Dodge Center, MN. Our trucks are great for Dodge Center business remodeling storage, temporary storage, moving a business, temporary product storage, inventory overflow storage, peak season storage.  Our storage trailer business is a great way to store products and overflow. 

Our maintenance-free trailers allow you to have the benefits of a semi without the expense of having a truck to move it. 


Our trucks are great for:

  • Business Remodeling Storage

  • Moving a Business

  • Temporary Product Storage

  • Inventory Overflow Storage

  • Peak Season Storage

We take the stress away because we deliver and pick up the trailer, so all you have to do is fill it up.  We take care of all the DOT paperwork too!  It's like having an extra warehouse when you need it!

Inside Semi Truck Storage
Bulow Truck Outside

Why Choose Brian Bulow Trucking

Over 3 Years in Business and 20 years of trucking experience

Flexible Rental Options - rent as many months as you need

Locally owned in Southern MN and we'll deliver and pick up the trailer

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